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Meet the Team



Meet Carson, a high school freshman who excels academically as an honors student and shines in the world of archery, having started in September 2022 under the guidance and support of his coach Olympic gold medalist Hyang Soon Seo.


Beyond his achievements in sports and studies, Carson is deeply committed to social causes. He founded, a nonprofit where he and friends recycle discarded archery arrows into pens, selling them to fund essential supplies for aiding foster kids and women in need.


Carson's leadership extends to being the Teen Talk Editor for, where he curates content for Gen Z, and his writing skills were further honed at the Stanford Daily summer program. Fluent in English and conversational Chinese, he enjoys creative writing, organic gardening, and spending time with family. Through his sports, academic pursuits, and philanthropic efforts, Carson exemplifies a young individual making a significant impact in his community.

Some of his achievements include:

  • 2nd place, Silver Medal at the 2024 USA Archery AAE Arizona Cup, USAT Series Qualifier

  • 3rd place at the 2023 Pacific Coast Championships

  • 1st place at the National Archery Scholarship Tour - Chula Vista Outdoor where he was awarded a scholarship

  • 6th place at the 2024 USA Archery JOAD Indoor Nationals

  • 3rd place at the 2024 CA State Indoor Championships

  • 7th place at the 2024 55th USA Archery Indoor Nationals


Meet Megumi, a passionate archer whose journey into the world of archery began with the Disney movie 'Brave.' In 2015, she took her first shots with a bow, initially for fun. By 2016, she had found a home for her passion at HSS Sports Academy, where she began dedicated practice. Megumi's archery journey has been a rollercoaster of experiences, from triumphs to challenges, but her dedication to the sport remains unwavering. Archery has become an integral part of her life, fueling her drive for excellence. Beyond her love for archery, Megumi enjoys socializing with friends and capturing moments through her photography. Her impressive achievements include:

  • 2nd place at the 2019 Vegas Shoot, where she was awarded a scholarship.

  • 3rd place at the 2021 Vegas Shoot, once again earning a scholarship.

  • Achieving 1st place in all California ranking tournaments as part of the California State Archery Grand Slam.

  • Another 2nd place finish at the 2022 Vegas Shoot, securing another scholarship.

  • In 2024, she achieved 3rd place at the California State Indoor Tournament (U21).

  • Since September 2022, Megumi has served as the HSS Phoenix Team Captain, leading by example and inspiring her teammates with her dedication and skill.

Megumi's journey in archery continues to evolve, and she remains committed to reaching new heights in the sport she loves.

Meg 2-02.jpg


Tripura is a dedicated and passionate archer who started archery in 2022. When she tried archery during a class trip, she loved it and decided to pursue the sport. Soon, archery became an important and influential part of her life. Besides archery, Tripura loves baking and spending time with friends.


Some of her achievements include:

  • 3rd place at the 2023 California Classic 1440 (U15)

  • 4th place at the 2023 Chula Vista Outdoor National Archery Scholarship Tour (U14)

  • 5th place at the 2024 CA State Indoor Championship (U18)


Tripura hopes to continue her journey in archery, persevering through the highs and lows of this incredible sport.


My name is Purvi Reddy and I am 11 years old. I was inspired by my sister to do archery. I have been doing archery for about a year. My achievements include…

  • 2nd place medal in the 2024 California State JOAD Indoor Championship (U13)

  • 2nd place medal in the 2024 California State Indoor Championship (U13)


My hobbies outside of archery include drawing and singing. I enjoy being a part of Charity Arrows. The thing I like most about Charity Arrows is how we make arrow pens out of broken arrows to help charities. I hope you donate to this good cause by buying our arrow pens.

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