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Our mission is simple: to promote sustainable archery practices by recycling and reusing arrows, and to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need within our community. 


At Charity Arrows, we aim to show the world not only the beauty of archery but also its potential to bring about positive change. Join us in this inspiring journey as we shoot for a better, more sustainable future, one arrow at a time. Together we can show and share that the sport and amazing Archery community cares.


  • Carson, founder

About Us: How Charity Arrows Began

It all started on a Halloween day, at our beloved archery studio, HSS Sports Academy. As archery athletes, we love the thrill of hitting our targets with precision. On that particular day, however, something fun happened – a friendly balloon shooting competition initiated by one of our coaches.


At the end of this challenge, my coach handed me a unique keepsake - an arrow pen. Little did I know that this seemingly simple gift would ignite a spark of inspiration within me, one that would lead to the creation of Charity Arrows.


The concept was born from a realization: archers, like us, go through numerous arrows in pursuit of our passion. However, even the slightest damage renders these arrows unusable, leading to their disposal as waste. This equals a waste of valuable resources.

Driven by this insight, I embarked on a journey of research and discovery. What I found was astounding – in 2023, the global market for archery equipment was valued at a staggering $3.7 billion. And the forecast for the future was equally astonishing; experts from IMARC Research Group estimated that it could reach an incredible $5.5 billion by 2032. While this growth is awesome for the sport, it also nudged at a significant environmental concern - the accumulation of discarded arrows.


And so, the idea for Charity Arrows was born. 


We believed that if we could teach fellow archers how to transform these discarded arrows into unique arrow pens, we could achieve several meaningful objectives. 


First and foremost, we would contribute to the reduction of waste within the archery community. But that wasn't all - by selling these handmade arrow pens, we saw an opportunity to generate funds to support children and families in our local community.


I had a chance to interview Michelle Thompson for, the founder of Bithiah’s Family Services and was inspired by her story and the desire to help foster kids and women in need. 


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